Jocasta In Oedipus The King Essay

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Creon returns, bearing good news: once the killer of the previous king, Laius, is found, Thebes will be cured of the plague (Laius was Jocasta's husband before she married Oedipus).Hearing this, Oedipus swears he will find the murderer and banish him.

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Yet Laius was killed by robbers, not by his own son, proof that the oracle was wrong.

But something about her story troubles Oedipus; she said that Laius was killed at a place where three roads meet, and this reminds Oedipus of an incident from his past, when he killed a stranger at a place where three roads met.

Oedipus takes this as an insult and jumps to the conclusion that Creon paid Teiresias to say these things.

Furious, Oedipus dismisses him, and Teiresias goes, repeating as he does, that Laius's killer is right here before him - ­ a man who is his father's killer and his mother's husband, a man who came seeing but will leave in blindness.

The play started with Thebes’ clamour to King Oedipus to stop the plague that threatened the city.

The oracle instructed the king’s brother –in-law, Creon to find the murderer of the former King of Thebes, King Laius.

Jocasta, King Oedipus’ wife told him to ignore the prophecies.

She explained that a prophecy that her former husband, Laius will be killed by his son did not come to past because he was murdered by robbers at a crossroad.

The messenger revealed that Oedipus was abandoned when he was a baby and the shepherd offered him to a royal couple.

At this instance, Oedipus was determined to know the truth about his life.


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