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It is the focusing on key marketing initiatives over a 12 month period that makes the difference and increases the sales. An regular email newsletter is cheap to run, showcases color pictures of designs, increases online sales as well as shop sales and also gives you the valuable environmental angel of being electronic.You can also have a small number of well designed print newsletters available at your jewelry store counter for customers to pick up. Look to your selling opportunities How and where do you sell your jewelry designs?

According to Rena Klingenberg, who writes the "Jewelry Making Journal," the two biggest reasons people don’t volunteer to host a jewelry party is that they think it’s going to involve a lot of work on their part and they assume they’ll need to provide an abundance of food.

Your job is to convince the potential hostess that’s not the case.

The difference between success and failure in the home-based jewelry business is filling your calendar with show bookings.

If your booking schedule is a bit thin, it’s time to build an enticing repertoire of hostess incentives that can appeal to all types of customers and help you load your party schedule.

Offer a varied range of incentives for booking a home show.

Instead of specific gifts, also offer discounts that graduate upward in accordance with the total sales at a show. Some folks may want to host a party, but they may not have the space to house one.A good strategy to get a booking in this circumstance is to offer your own home or studio as the party place.This includes key words and search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, classified ads, article marketing, directory listings, link sharing, social bookmarking, and of course affiliate marketing.Because of the range of choices and how they integrate you need to focus only on a few at time. Building up long term and profitable relationships is vital for increasing sales by communicating with customers about what interests them about your business – new designs, sales, promotions, competitions, visiting designers, industry news and special events.Increasing your sales this year is something your sales team can do but there are a heap of other activities that can make it happen easily too.So here are seven ideas to get you more sales and increase your profitability: 1.Supplier relationships make a huge difference and with the opening up of the internet you have far more choices now. Use a planner for the year ahead to note down selling events like Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, festivals, special events, your trade show schedule and local wedding expos and seasonal features in local media.By knowing when what is happening you can be ready to take advantage of the best selling periods with you marketing efforts. Look to your website and if you do not have one, get one.While it may sound like your workload may increase, just think how much time and effort you’ll save by not having to pack, travel, set up, tear down, travel again and unpack to facilitate an off-site party.The added bonus is you’ll be right there with all of your inventory and supplies. When time, space or financial considerations interfere with the ability to book a party, extend an opportunity to throw a virtual jewelry party.


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