Itc E Choupal Case Study Summary

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Agriculture is vital to India, as it produces 23% of GDP and employs 66% of the workforce.

Agriculture is vital to India, as it produces 23% of GDP and employs 66% of the workforce.Over the years, India’s agricultural productivity has improved to the point that the country is now both self-sufficient and a net exporter of a variety of food grains.

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Typically poor and often illiterate, rural Indian farmers generally have very limited access to information and education regarding improved farming techniques, that could enhance their yield.

Farmers also typically do not have ready access to quality inputs, like sowing seeds, herbicides and pesticides, or to critical information such as accurate weather forecasts that could help them improve the quality of their crops.

However, the agriculture landscape in India is characterized by fragmented farms, weak infrastructure and the involvement of numerous intermediaries.

In this system, crops are sold by rural farmers with small holdings to traders, who act as purchasing agents for corporate buyers at a local, government-mandated marketplace called a .

The access to the e-Choupals remains free for the farmers, while the · A PC with a Windows/Intel platform, multimedia kit and connectivity interface · Connection lines, either telephone (with a bit rate of 28.8-36Kbps) or VSAT (used in 75% of villages, providing 64Kbps inbound and 1Mbps outbound) · A power supply consisting of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and a solar-powered battery backup · A dot-matrix printer The typical hardware setup for an e-Choupal costs about US$3,500 with an additional US$2,500 for staff, travel, communication, software and training.

ITC Limited is one of India’s leading private companies, with annual revenues of US billion.

These real-time prices are collated from the via an arrangement with ITC Limited and are provided on ITC Limited's e-Choupal portal.

The real-time market prices for wholesale products enable poor Indian farmers to better negotiate prices, and thus get the most out of their crops.

Although rural India suffers from a weak ICT infrastructure and poor literacy profile, the greater access and exchange of market and farming information provided by this initiative alleviates rural isolation and poverty by creating market transparency.

This in turn improves the rural Indian farmers’ productivity and incomes.


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