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To start with, it is crucial for us to note that thesis statements are points that have to be defended.This is because, after declaring a thesis statement, it undoubtedly propels some form of conflict hence making people to differ in their opinions as well as making them choose sides.

The best approach to do this is through leaving open-ended queries which will prompt the reader to desire to flesh out the answers by reading the rest of your research paper.

In order to understand how a proper thesis statement should look like, it is essential to look at some examples.

In the same manner, your thesis statement plays this role when it comes to research paper introductions.

It enables you to indicate the various highlights that the reader will find in your research essay.

This, in turn, will help you attract the attention of your audience in a much deeper manner as your introductory paragraph will be laden with lots of relevant information regarding the research paper.

The opening sentences of your introduction of research paper example is supposed o contain general information about the topic at hand.

The Improper Way: “Digital downloading of movies online is a wrong practice that should be fought with everything we`ve got.” Such a thesis statement leaves myriads of questions unanswered.

Moreover, such a thesis statement is too precise and fails to showcase your topic`s controversy.

We have also brought to light the point that the movie industry is facing a devious enemy in the form of web pirates.

This, in turn, makes the research paper`s readers begin thinking that the rest of my paper will have arguments tailored against web pirating and illegal movie downloads.


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