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Quechua writing and grammar are the work of the Spaniard, and Quechua literature belonged entirely to bilingual men of letters like El Luna-rejo until the appearance of Inocencio Mamani, the young author of Tucuipac Manashcan.

The Spanish language, more or less Americanized, is the literary language and intellectual tool of Peru’s still undefined nationality.

Croce has proved that even the impressionistic and hedonistic criticism of Jules Lemaitre, which is supposed to be free of philosophical content, is related, no less than the criticism of Sainte Beuve, to the thought and philosophy of its times.

Man’s spirit is indivisible and it must be so to achieve plenitude and harmony.

In the history of the West, the flowering of national literatures coincided with the political affirmation of the nation.

It formed part of the movement which, through the Reformation and the Renaissance, created the ideological and spiritual factors of the liberal revolution and the capitalist order.

It was most vigorously defined in Germany, where the writings of the Schlegel brothers profoundly influenced literary criticism and historiography.

In his justly celebrated as a “history of Italian literature which I constantly quote and National literature in Peru, like Peruvian nationality itself, cannot renounce its Spanish ties.

Riva Agüero could not openly admit to the political bias of his exegesis: first, because it is only long after the time of his writing that we have learned to dispense with many obvious and useless deceptions; second, because, as a member of the aristocratic encomendero class, he was obliged to profess the principles and institutions of another class, the liberal bourgeoisie.

Even though it felt itself to be monarchist, Hispanist, and traditionalist, that aristocracy had to reconcile its reactionary sentiment with the practice of a republican and capitalist policy and with respect for a democratic and bourgeois constitution.


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