Huck And Pap Essay

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The fact is, Pap does show his hidden compassion when he believes his son has died no matter how many bad things Pap did to his son, he did care for him in his own way...

Showed first 250 characters Pap cared about Huck, but he didn't express it like some fathers do.

Jim also never reprimands Huck for the foolish things he does.

This indicates Jim’s feelings that although he is older, Huck is superior because he’s white and Jim is a slave so he can’t really say anything.

Jim tries to act like a parent and tells Huck no when he tells Jim about his wild plans, but Jim always gives into Huck letting him go through with his wild ideas.

This may be because of Jim’s fear that Huck will turn him in for the reward money.

This exemplifies Huck’s immaturity because the mate of the snake comes and bites Jim leading to his leg and foot swelling, and Jim being sick for 4 days.

With Jim being sick for so long it could have increased their chances for being caught putting both of them in danger.

On Huck’s adventure toward freedom with Jim, the run away slave, Huck actually becomes more mature and civilized while living on the river.

Huck’s life on the river seems to change his moral views of Jim as not a slave but a person, and companion on their journey.


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