How To Start A Creative Writing Piece

One common problem many students face is learning how to stop “telling” and to start “showing”!

In this article, we’ll look at strategies and processesses to help you get started with your creative and then refine it for submission. Because students have spent much of high school learning how to analyse narratives, their structures, and their use of techniques, creatives are an opportunity for students to flex their creative muscles and apply this knowledge and analysis to their own work. In exams, students will be given a stimulus to respond to.

Currently, in Year 12, most students will compose several creatives and memorise them before moulding them to the stimulus they receive in the exam.

This means that they must incorporate the idea the stimulus embodies into the narrative they have written.

Creative tasks give many students nightmares, often it is not the writing itself that trips up students but getting started or beating writer's block that is the trouble.

In this part of our Guide, we walk you through creative writing so you don't need to be anxious about it.

Creative writing is a complex and detailed process.

Matrix English students are given step-by-step guides and tailored feedback to help them write their Band 6 creatives.

The purpose of a plan is to give yourself a rough structure to work towards.

This will help you develop characters, plot, and structure.


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