How To Assign Drive Letter To External Drive

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If you need to change or assign a drive letter via the command prompt, you have to use the diskpart command.

I’ve written a bit on how to use diskpart, which is really useful for many disk management tasks.

Hit Windows Key X on your keyboard, and select Disk Management from the menu. Right click the USB drive to which you want to assign a persistent drive letter and select “Change Drive Letter and Paths.” 3. Tips: You may choose a rarely-used drive letter like M-Z, thus avoiding possible drive letter conflicts. You will get a prompt that some programs might rely on drive letters to run properly. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, the best partition manager, can help you assign a permanent drive letter to a USB drive.

Click “Yes” to continue as long as the drive letter you assign here is not occupied by another drive where the programs are installed. Tap the Search button on the taskbar and type “cmd” in the search box. It can be operated with mouse-clicking and it’s totally free. Download, install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. You are suggested choosing a rarely-used drive letter like M-Z. Click “Apply” to view pending operations and then “Proceed” to commit the operations.

With a persistent drive letter, the backup task can be recognized and repeated by the backup utility smoothly.

What we need to do is to permanently assign drive letter.A task you will most likely have to perform a few times in Windows is changing the drive letter for an external hard drive, mapped network drive, or DVD drive.Sometimes when you plug in a USB flash drive, it doesn’t automatically get a drive letter assigned to it and it may not show up on your computer.Also, if you don’t need any of the data on the volume in question, a simple solution is to delete the volume, which is normally never greyed out. Once you delete the volume, you can right-click again and create a new simple volume. Make sure to read my other tips on how to hide drive in Windows and how to map a folder to a drive letter in Windows. You can open disk management on a Windows PC by either right-clicking on the Computer or This PC icon on the desktop and choosing Manage or by clicking on Start and typing in You’ll see a list of volumes at the top and the disks and partitions at the bottom.To assign or change the drive letter for a disk or partition, simply right-click on it and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths. Click OK to close out all the dialogs and the drive should now show up in Windows with the new drive letter.A window will pop up with the current drive letter, if there is one, and a couple of options. Next, you will choose the new drive letter from the dropdown list. If you’re having issues using the GUI interface or you simply feel more comfortable using the command prompt, read the instructions below on how to use diskpart.That’s a good way to check before you select a volume.You can also figure out which drive is correct by looking at the size and also looking at the Info column.


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