How Long Should My Application College Essay Be

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This stuff matters…but it doesn’t make you special.

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Besides, that other essay would go on forever, and, as I mentioned, we read thousands of these things each year.

On copious occurrences, pupils will endeavor to parade their current acquaintance with the English vernacular in an attempt to affect an air of knowledge. Remember, the admissions committee wants to focus on you, and sometimes it is hard to do so when all they are thinking is, “What is this person talking about?!

In fact, many schools have cool, offbeat essay questions that really provide you with the opportunity to present the admissions committee with new insight as to who you are. And if your dream school presents you with some of the old standards, remember to approach the subject from the most unique angle you can. The student went on about how he developed the strength and technique needed to be successful in the position and how that experience shaped him into the man he had become.

Whether or not it was intentional, this student started his essay in a way that certainly caught the attention of the admissions committee, and that’s what your first sentences absolutely need to do.

This might be your only chance to show the admissions committee that you are more than just a GPA, test scores, and a bunch of extracurricular activities, so it may be best not to ruin their first impression of you with your past criminal history.

Sometimes the admissions committee will make a decision on whether or not to admit you to their college or university immediately after evaluating your application, and other times, they may hold on to your file for months before making their final decision.Even your good old SAT or ACT scores reflect the accumulation of vocabulary, mathematics, and reading comprehension talents acquired throughout your life. That being said, remember to choose an essay topic that helps keep the focus on you but is still flexible enough for you to incorporate your personality, your history, your individuality, and your impact on those around you.Some college and university applications provide essay questions that influence some pretty good answers.Few things will throw off an application evaluator more than misspellings and typos in the college essay — except when you mention the wrong college!Don’t tell us how much you want to attend XYZ University when you are submitting the essay to The College of ABC.Many students trip over common obstacles in their college application essays.For example, many students can’t see beyond the superficial prompt to construct an essay that positively communicates their personality and passion.We had one applicant that said, “I speak tree languages.” (Really? ) As you can see, sometimes things are spelled correctly but just don’t make sense in the context of your application essay.Be sure you are using the correct form of words too (they’re, their, there, your, you’re, etc.).We want you to expand upon a few characteristics that make you great, not just give us a list with the thousand and one things that contribute to your greatness.This way, we are able to fully grasp why these particular characteristics, out of the many you could have selected, are so important to you and who you are as an individual.


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