Hills Like White Elephants Thesis Statement Symbolism

I assume you have read the story several times, and that you have carefully read some literary analysis of it.

This should give you some ideas about the story, literary techniques, any social issues, or some idea of why this story is included in your literature book.

This short story is filled with symbolism, some of which the reader may not even discover.

In the beginning of the story the reader is lunge into the lives of two Later though, the girl pulls back the comment, giving a delicate hint to American that perhaps she wants to keep the baby after all - a hint the American misses.

Comparing the hills and, metaphorically, the baby to elephants suggests that expression “the elephant in the room,” is an understatement for something painfully obvious that no one wants to deliberate about.

Very important symbol which is outshined by the hills and elephants is the bamboo curtain.Other symbols are train, the railway station and a luggage.Train station is a place of transition, not a destination in itself, but somewhere where you stop en route to where you are going.Critics like Hilary Justice have written many in-depth analyses of the meanings of Jig's smiles throughout the story (3). "Well, well, well: Cross-gendered autobiography and the manuscript of "Hills Like White Elephants." The Hemingway Review. What do you make of the characters, the situation they are in, the now-historical setting? What's your opinion about what is interesting, noteworthy, peculiar about the story?What details from the story and your research can you use to support your opinion--that is, your thesis--about the story?It sets us up to consider the boundaries, thresholds, and separations – all the issues the couple is facing.And because Jig wants the baby and the man doesn’t, the pregnancy itself acts as a curtain between them, through which only simple things, like what they want to drink, can be communicated clearly. "Letting the air into a relationship: Metaphorical abortion in `hill like white elephants'" The Hemingway Review. - This short story is about a couple arguing about abortion.


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