Hahnemann Essay New Principle

c based on the law of simi­lars, Hahnemann here allows that a remedy based on opposites can be used. At this point we can see the early and important distinction Hahnemann makes between the constant speci?c remedies (mainly homogenic at this point in his discoveries), which are derived clini­cally, and those to be determined by the process of provings and then matching the proving (arti? nd the initial insights that emerged from all the hard labors of the previous eight years, in particular the early discoveries of the dual nature of disease and medicinal action.

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culty of ascertaining the value of drugs for people in terms of their action on animals, as what can kill a person (such as a large dose of Nux vomica) will not harm a pig, for example.

Here we see a clear recognition of the “high value” of clinical discoveries, but also a recommendation for the testing of substances on healthy human beings as being the only methodical way of more certainly discovering the therapeutic value of substances yet untested or unknown.

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259) This issue of quantity (number of medicines) versus quality (theory and principle) will arise each time a signi?

cant problem emerges in terms of cure for his system, both in the context of his discovery of the chronic miasms and his use of dual remedies.

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Hahnemann begins, as we have in the previous chapter, by discussing the contributions of chemistry to medicine. nd the medicinal powers of substances, but it cannot tell anything about its functions in the human body, which is of a living nature.

cial disease) symptoms and the symptoms of the natural disease.

This is an early form of the duality of disease that we witness coming to fullness in the dual remedy discoveries of Aegidi and Boenninghausen (followed by Hahnemann and later, Lutze). rm founda­tion to the famous experiment with China (quinine) in crude dose that he undertook and commented on in his 1790 translation of the well-known English physician, William Cullen’s In my additions to Cullen’s Materia Medica, I have already observed that bark, given in large doses to sensitive, yet healthy individuals, produces a true attack of fever, very similar to the intermittent fever, and for this reason, probably, it overpowers and thus cures the latter.


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