Greenhouse Effect Essay

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Since CO2 is a greenhouse gas, the more trees and other plants that are around drawing in CO2, the greater the reduction in the greenhouse effect will be.

Another advantage of planting trees is that they can result in energy savings.

Global warming doesn't just mean warming — which is why "climate change" has become the trendier term among researchers and policy makers.

While the globe is becoming hotter on average, this temperature increase can have paradoxical effects, such as more serious snowstorms.

Another way to reduce the greenhouse effect is to plant trees and other plants.

As a part of their natural life cycle, plants absorb CO2 from for photosynthesis, a process where the plant derives energy from the sun.

There are several big ways climate change can and will affect the globe: By melting ice, by drying out already-arid areas, by causing weather extremes and by disrupting the delicate balance of the oceans.

The big melt Perhaps the most visible effect of climate change so far is the melting of glaciers and sea ice.


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