Good Topics For Criminal Justice Research Papers

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These articles address restorative responses to these issues.

Environmental crime harms communities and the people living in them in multiple ways. These articles discuss the potential of restorative justice as a response.

Nevertheless, a lawyer can be an important safeguard against due process and human rights violations. Domestic violence presents unique challenges and opportunities to restorative justice practitioners.

On one hand, the restorative process of taking responsibility, addressing past harm and planning for a better future can look very much like domestic violence syndrome.

On the other, restorative responses can offer alternatives to a victim who has kept silence out of fear that the abuser will be arrested and the family's means of support ended. The consequences of driving while intoxicated can be profound and devastating, and yet the culpability of the driver is related to the decision to drive while impaired -- the harm caused was not the result of a deliberate attempt to cause harm.

These stories and articles discuss issues related to driving while intoxicated.It also occurs in institutions that care for the elderly.Consequently the harm is not only the physical or mental trauma that results, but also the betrayal of trust that the abuse represents.Gangs pose a special challenge to communities and to law enforcement because of the power they are able to exert over the lives of people within their communities.Can restorative processes work when dealing with individuals from violent, tight-knit organizations? Hate crimes are directed at victims because of their affiliation with a group against which the offenders have chosen to take action.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.The following are topics related to the application of restorative justice.These articles describe and discuss this use of restorative justice.The over-representation of minorities in the criminal justice system is a well-known and apparently intractable problem.While unhealthy dynamics and violent behaviors in families lead to the intervention of government officials to protect children, these same families often have resources and knowledge needed to break the cycles of negative behaviors.Restorative practices -- such as family group conferencing -- offers an opportunity of involving extended family members and social service agencies and the troubled families in the process of find responses and solutions.


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