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Father'S Day Essay 2012-19
Thus as a change of pace, and on the occasion of impending Father's Day, herewith a guest post by Eric Mc Millan.He is a friend and one-time student in a writing course I taught, at the University of Chicago, who asks to be identified this way: During my last tour in Iraq, I made it a habit to inquire after people's children.Part road-trip narrative, part memoir, Bissinger’s loving account is an eye-opener on all the realities, sacrifices and joys of parenthood.12.

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In his new book, The Second World War, Beevor widens his focus and surveys the entire war.2.

The Complete Short Stories by Mark Twain At last, all in one place and in a handsome cloth-bound edition put out by Everyman’s Library, this collection of 60 short stories brings you many more of Twain’s intimately human characters, if you’re hungry for more after Huck Finn.

Mission to Paris by Alan Furst Over the course of about a dozen novels Alan Furst has imbued the already misty and treacherous streets of 1930s and ’40s Europe with even greater menace and intrigue.

His latest follows a Hollywood star-turned-spy around Paris as he is hunted by the Nazis, and encounters German baronesses, assassins, Russian actors, and more. Father’s Day by Buzz Bissinger Don’t you have to get this book for dad, just for the title? Bissinger is best known for Friday Night Lights, and his latest effort hits closer to home: Father’s Day is a travel story of sorts, chronicling a cross-country journey Bissinger takes with his son, Zach, who is in the autism spectrum.

From a thrilling single-volume history of World War II to a handsome edition of the complete short stories of Mark Twain, here’s how to say thanks to dads who love to read. His Stalingrad, which won the Samuel Johnson Prize, the Wolfson History Prize, and the Hawthornden Prize—many journalists interviewed him hoping to find out the secret of writing a bestseller so they can give up journalism—and The Fall of Berlin 1945, are filled with vivid details.

The Second World War by Antony Beevor British author Antony Beevor is a master of military history, and particularly at depicting the most crucial battles between Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II.My father practically dragged me home by the ear one night after discovering me hacking away at the neighbor's prized azalea bushes with a plastic sword. There was more pay in it, more respect, and more social mobility.Before honor or duty or country, there was the childhood code of the warrior, the boy's delight in destruction. "Besides," he liked to remind me, "if you're an officer, you call the shots."Maybe we were both naïve. Late one evening in August 2007, a farmer and his wife brought a five-year old boy to the front gate of my combat outpost on the outskirts of Baghdad.In ten years in the Army, I discovered one thing I found consistently surprising: I never met a professional soldier who wanted his children to someday follow in his path. My childhood notebooks were full of doodles of tanks and helicopters.I turned every plaything I could get my hands on into a weapon.I used it with merchants, imams, mayors, and, sometimes, even insurgents in disguise.It's a trick that works especially well with soldiers, my own as well as Iraqi. Every year at Halloween, I pirated pieces of the uniform he'd hung in the spare closet.Then about the murders, which happened later.” Yet it settles into his trademark narrative grace and quiet observations, and the result is one of the American master’s most powerful novels yet.4.The Price of Inequality by Joseph Stiglitz Politicians are still arguing over whether the huge wealth gap between the 1 percent and the 99 percent is all that bad.I found that by doing so I got through defenses, that people opened up, and even grew receptive to what I had to say.It was a splendid tactic that I used with sheiks and patriarchs and police chiefs.


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