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Fife traces the Revolution back to the initial stages of rebellion and follows its timeline through the fall of Robespierre.He paints the famed Jacobin as a man of intense passion, writing that "the sincerity with which Robespierre held his opinions, the intense concentration on their detail, marked him out" (Fife 2004, 37).

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The Reign of Terror, which occurred between 17, was the most brutal phase of the French Revolution.

We've noted that their argument about Robespierre's decline is similar to that of other scholars in the field.

A review of the pertinent literature on the Reign of Terror reveals an important trend.

This study is helpful in that it confirms the complexity of the Jacobin ideology.

Commentary: This next section of the literature review template looks at the work of Linda and Marsha Frey.Unfortunately, his article does not contain much information that is pertinent to our thesis, so we have noted this in our analysis.In , Linda and Marsha Frey present a detailed chronology of the political conflict involved in the Revolution.The following literature review template provides a basic outline of the sections that you should include in your review.Keep in mind that you'll need to add transitions between paragraphs and more detail about the content of each source.Once you learn how to write a literature review, it's quite easy to put your ideas onto the page.Whether you're a student or an academic professional, our sample literature review can help you get started.Many authors strive to have their books reviewed by a professional because a published review (even a negative one) can be a great source of publicity.Thesis/Dissertation Writing Series: How to Write a Literature Review Choosing a general thesis topic is relatively easy, but deciding on specific and realistic research questions requires considerable thought and extensive enquiry.In our sample review, we've noted that our research focuses on the decline of Robespierre.by Graeme Fife is a broad survey of the political and social undercurrents of the Reign of Terror.


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