Ethnocentrism And Cultural Relativity Essay

Ethnocentrism And Cultural Relativity Essay-6
“Tolerance” has mutated to imply unconditional support and agreement for all opinions or lifestyles.

“Tolerance” has mutated to imply unconditional support and agreement for all opinions or lifestyles.

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A society that embraces the notion that there is no ultimate “right” or “wrong” loses the ability to make any judgments at all.

The way in which relativism, including cultural relativism, has permeated modern society is demonstrated in the bizarre ways in which we try to deal with this contradiction.

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Cultural Relativism: All Truth Is Local Cultural Relativism is the view that moral or ethical systems, which vary from culture to culture, are all equally valid and no one system is really “better” than any other.

Declaring certain actions “mostly” wrong, or “mostly” right is nothing more than making up the rules as one goes.

Saying that some morals are “better,” even if they aren’t “the best,” still implies some ultimate standard that’s being used to make that judgment.This takes any talk of morality right over the cliff, and into meaningless gibberish.Cultural Relativism: Absolutely Impossible The contradiction of cultural relativism becomes immediately apparent.Tolerance, therefore, becomes an “ultimate good” in and of itself, which is contradictory to the entire idea of relativism.In the same way, heinous crimes such as rape and murder demand a moral judgment -- but strict cultural relativism cannot say that such things are always wrong.How do you know which cloud is higher unless you know which way “up” is?To firmly state that anything at all is always wrong is to reject relativism itself.This is based on the idea that there is no ultimate standard of good or evil, so every judgment about right and wrong is a product of society.Therefore, any opinion on morality or ethics is subject to the cultural perspective of each person.Relativism in general breaks down when examined from a purely logical perspective.The basic premise is that “truth is relative.” If every truth statement is valid, then the statement “some truths are absolute” must be valid.


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