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About 1200 b.c.e., the residents of, what we would call, Greece and Asia Minor shared a common belief in a group of deities that came to be known as The Olympians.

The distillation of the various regional beliefs into a coherent central religion was probably not as tidy and uniform as we would prefer, but it’s fair say that the stories of the Olympians survived because they had the largest number of followers and, most importantly, The Olympians did not forbid or punish the pursuit of knowledge.

The Olympians are only a small part of the family of Immortals that rule the earth and sky.

The various rivers, mountains and forces of nature are the ‘bodies’ of the Immortals and proper respect must always be shown if you wish to have peace at home and safe passage when you travel.

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Neither Oedipus, nor Orestes, nor Antigone goes on any long adventure full of monsters and vicious gods, yet all three are considered “heroes” of Greek myth.

What defines these three unusual characters as heroic? Prometheus is an unusual character—among other reasons, for defying both his fellow Titans and, later, Zeus. As what kind of symbol might he have functioned for the classical authors? The myths are full of instances of the cruelty of the gods.


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