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Gentiles were baptized into Jesus' Jewish body, which continues and fulfills (and never denies) God's covenant with Israel.U-M Library maintains extensive collections to support the multidisciplinary study of religion.Library holdings cover all regions of the world and all historical periods, and are available in a variety of formats and languages.This shift in black theology's relationship to traditional Christianity means that the rest of the church can no longer ignore black theology's claims.So long as black theologians felt that they had good reason to pursue nontraditional and extra-Christian sources in such secular social theory as anthropology, cultural studies, sociology and political science, white theologians could keep black theology at arm's length.You can also browse the library stacks in areas of interest to you, such as those under the Library of Congress numbers beginning with BL through BX, currently housed on floor 4A in the Hatcher Graduate Library In your Library Catalog Search results, you'll also find other materials held by our library, such as maps, films / DVDs, archival collections, manuscripts, historical periodicals and more.This guide provides numerous resources for conducting research in religious studies.If you don't already have a title or author in mind, try using subject terms (such as "Religion," "Religious aspects," "Religious life and customs," or more tradition-specific terms) combined with geographic terms, time period, or language.This hospitality enacts what Carter calls "the theodramatic constitution of existence." In the same way that God elects and receives Israel, elected Israel receives the gentiles as an extension of God's reception history."Israel's meaning and significance," writes Carter, "arise out of its being related to the nations before whom the drama of the Jews' election unfolds.


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