Essay Patriarchy Violence

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They include violence, the lack or suppression of fundamental rights, under-representation in politics, poverty, economic marginalization and the threat posed by anti-feminist movements.

Further than those alarming threats to gender equality, we also made clear why the CADTM identifies with the feminist struggle in its mission to fight all kinds of dominations.

Divided into three main sections this chapter aims to • explore and show how patriarchy and male domination is a social construction (which can therefore be deconstructed), naturalized though discourses, symbolic violence, myths and legends, etc.

• show that capitalism and patriarchy together reinforce the oppression of women. • reflect on how the domination of women persists in the era of globalization To this end, we first explore theories that allow us to better understand the basics of patriarchy and the naturalization of inequalities.

More especially, colonialism and the apartheid system, among other instruments of the rule which preceded our constitutional democracy, should be emphasised in that they largely shaped the formation of what has been detailed regarding African culture and its prevailing norms.

In brief, most of the legal provisions which were consequential to this generic conservatism were created during the time of white domination and were by large skewed in favour of patriarchal chieftaincy and traditional leadership.

On this understanding, it is not a reach to assert that whiteness does indeed form the essence of patriarchy.

The term “man”, as it pertains to young males, only implies the assuming of such authority over women (and the bodies of people seen as lesser through the prism of whiteness).

It is important to me, specifically, because it was the first form of literature that I, and many other people who went to institutions which offered isi Zulu, came across in primary school.

This couldn’t be more further from reality and was a deliberate attempt to move men and their various instruments of power towards innocence.


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