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As a consequence, many of these people are exhausted, frustrated and burn out with their daily lives.

This has, however, impacted the lives of many individuals from children to adults, rich to poor.

Firstly, children are anxious about facing the world in future.

Lack of respect and light bonding in the family often contribute to a stressful life for adolescence.

Sometimes the drug abuse issue by a family member ruins the peacefulness of the whole family.

There are various reasons that have caused the situation, and the following essay will discuss in details regarding the causes and some of the ways to address the issue.

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It is true that the daily routines of people's lives are becoming more stressful nowadays, especially for those who live in big cities, such as in New York, Singapore or Jakarta.

To sum up, challenges and problems are the part of life. According to me, it should be handled bravely and by making few practical changes so to overcome stress caused by it.

It is believed that the daily lives of mankind have become more stressful these days.

Therefore, to do this effectively they are fighting for the top position in universities and colleges with their counterparts.

This, in turn, leads to the stress of achieving the goal in life.


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