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At this moment it seems that Hamlet is unwilling to be king, which will keep him indecisive and hinder his revenge.Second, Hamlet does however reveal to Rosencrantz he is “distempered” because he “lacks advancement”. You do, surely, bar the door upon your own liberty, if you deny your griefs to your friend………..

Every action that he takes, Hamlet tediously examines all the potential outcomes and reasoning behind it.

This over thinking of the world around him is a reason for his indecisiveness and consequently his downfall.

Sir, I lack advancement.” Contrary to what he previously states during his conversation with Ophelia, Hamlets now reveals his desire to “advance”.

This change in ambition could be seen as the possibility for his revenge to finally transpire, however Hamlet may not be referring to his succession as king but his plans for his revenge; consequently not knowing if he desires both delays Hamlets for taking his revenge.

This personality presented by Hamlet provides a contradiction to his behavior.

He wishes to remove Claudius from the thrown however states he would rather not be ambitious, about can be assumed, his right to be king.Second, because Hamlet is so doubtful about the story told to him by the ghost, he must test his Uncle’s reaction first. This course of action leads to him being called upon by his mother, accidently murdering Polonius, and then being poisoned by Laertes.Without this additional prerequisite to begin his revenge, Hamlet could have potentially avoided the resulting confrontations and his death.Without Claudius’ reaction to the play Hamlet would probably remain in limbo about his own thoughts and the ghost and may never taken revenge.The play is the confirmation for Hamlet’s revenge scheme and its lengthily process was necessary to convince Hamlet of the ghost’s story; Nevertheless Hamlet’s continual indecisive behavior after the play gave Claudius amply time to plot Hamlet’s murder., is one of the greatest tragedy pieces written by William Shakespeare throughout his life.The play provides conflict between a variety of personalities all in the pursuit of power or their own interruption of moral justice.During the first act of the play, Hamlet’s friends encounter the spirit of Old King Hamlet roaming about the outer ramparts of the castle.Seeing the spirit as a bad omen they quickly report the appearance to his very distraught son, Hamlet.It encompasses the themes of deception, manipulation and malevolent to create the “perfect storm” of exploitation, chaos and perhaps insanity.One of the most puzzling elements though of this play is the personality of the protagonist, Hamlet, son of old king Hamlet and rightful heir to the throne.


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