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The Top Deck is 102 stories high and allows visitors to glimpse sights from more than 80 miles away.History played a great importance in your career and your understanding of architecture.Do you see an importance of an understanding of the history of several other cities that an architect would be engaging with, as a kind of key for (...)The 2018 Z-Axis Conference was organized by the Charles Correa Foundation at Kala Academy, Panaji, Goa in India from 6-8 September.Let us look into the background of the act in correlation with the issues present in the practice. The Architects Act, 1972, also called the Principal Act, was put into force on 1 September, 1972.It is "an act to provide for the registration of architects and for matters connected therewith.”Image courtes (...)The following article presents thorough documentation on the principles of organic architecture and the arguments by some of its proponents throughout the 20th century by means of comparison of architectural elements in the purview of said principles.It has become the mentality of environmentalists and designers in how they interact with water in cities.Research shows that people living in urban areas now make up more than half of the world population[ii].Titled "Designing Equitable Cities", the conference aimed to talk about the discourses of architecture and planning as agencies involved in the design of resilient and equitable cities through individual presentations and panel discussions.The first day of Z-Axis focused on screening movies on/by Charles Correa to begin to sensitize the audience on issues of rehabilitation, participatory approach, and scale of neighborhood planning; on the life and works of Charles Correa; and the trends of urbanism through the history and development of Mumbai.The building in focus is ' Neelai' Lake House, in Andur; a weekend house made by Ar.Shirish Beri (practicing in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India) for himself.


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