Essay On A Lost Opportunity That I Regret

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But, what we learn from them is worth its weight in gold — or in scholarship money. A mop of curly brown hair, tanned skin, and excruciatingly bad jokes.See our past winners and their scholarship responses below. Check Our Scholarships for a new scholarship every month. We both loved to write and liked the same books: A-Z Mysteries, Captain Underpants, and Percy Jackson.Opportunities are like these, you have to recognize them and hope that by seizing them, they will lead to certain desired outcomes.

But, what we learn from them is worth its weight in gold — or in scholarship money. A mop of curly brown hair, tanned skin, and excruciatingly bad jokes.

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One day, he finds himself with a chance to ask the girl out for a date.

If he does not seize the chance to ask her out, he may not know whether she would accept his request.

The school labeled me "gifted" My brother "average" I was popular in high school; he could count the number of close friends he had on one hand. I had my friends which I thought would last the rest of my life. Laying alone in a dirty apartment, wondering what he’s going to do with his life. These are the moments I failed him as an older brother. I am too busy to realize that he is now addicted to gambling. Through his pain, I have learned one of the greatest lessons in my life.

Tragically, I excelled faster in school than my brother. Receiving the news that he has dropped out of college. After 2 more relapses over 5 years, he is rehabilitated and is in a program. Even though my brother has been through a tumultuous life riddled with examples of where I failed him, he still looks fondly upon me. I know many siblings rekindle or rediscover relationships as adults but, for me, the most regretful lost opportunity was to be there for my brother when it mattered most.

Or, get instant, personalized matching from millions of scholarships worth over $14 billion with our Scholarship Match. We would play footsies under the guided reading table, play pranks on each other like all best friends do.

I even miss the days you slipped Expo Dry-Erase spray into my water bottle.If he jumps at the chance and does well, his potential may be recognized in the form of a promotion by his appreciative boss.Then people would remark that he had not wasted the opportunity which came by. If they result in undesirable outcomes, one will not blame oneself. What would be sad to hear would be about people who with the person who says that he should have married that good girl or that he should have pursued that course which would have led to fortune. For example, a businessman may have been given an attractive proposition but did not take up the offer. For example, a student may be offered a scholarship to study overseas. It is a chance to have or to do something which one thinks would be beneficial to oneself.I hate it, seeing you around the high school but not being able to say “hi.” People would talk about you, and I could barely stand it--they knew you better than I did. With each challenge and curveball that life has thrown my way, it shines through to me that do-overs are available in abundance if we choose to look at life with a different perspective.Every time I heard your name, about your achievements, about how you wanted to be an English teacher, a knot forms in my chest (cheesy, right? I’m happy plenty, but I’d be happier still if you were with me, too. Despite all the regrets I’ve compiled as I’ve aged, I’ve come to one conclusion on the option of do-overs: I wouldn’t change a single thing. Essentially, each day is our own personal do-over--another day to try again and be better than the person we were yesterday.The person who does not grab those chances would have wasted them.At work, a woman may have been presented with an opportunity to know her boss better.Those who are born with rich or educated parents have a head start in life.A rich son can enter a better school or an educated parent can give informed advice to his children.


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