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Caste system is a social evil that is present in the Indian society since the ancient times.It has been criticized immensely by the people over the years.

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Here are some simple yet informative essays of varying word lengths on the caste system in India to help you perform better in your class.

Caste system in India has been prevalent since the ancient times.

While Varna refers to the four broad social divisions namely Brahmins (teacher/priests), Kshatriyas (kings/warriors), Vaishyas (traders) and Shudras (labourers/servants), it got degenerated into Jatis, determined by birth.

Jati is generally derived from the trade or occupation of the community, and is known to be hereditary.

This perspective was common among the post-colonial era scholars.

This school of thought categorises people based on their caste, which is determined by the traditional occupation of their community.The perspective formed centuries ago was especially common among the scholars from the British colonial era.This school of thought categorises people based on their class.The origin of caste system in India dates back to the ancient times.There are two different perspectives for its origin in the country.India has been under the spell of the evil caste system since centuries.This system finds its roots in the ancient times and has undergone change over the time.There are basically four classes – Brahmins (teachers/priests) , Kshatriyas (kings/warriors), Vaishyas (traders) and Shudras (labourers/servants).The second school of thought is based on the socio-economic factors and as per this the system is rooted in the political, economic and material history of India.It is believed that these groups came into being from Brahma, the Hindu God of creation.Priests, intellectuals and teachers come under the category of Brahmins.


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