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Even a simple notion can spark a lifetime ideal – positive or negative.

Even a simple notion can spark a lifetime ideal – positive or negative.

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When we find a cause we care about, a cause we connect with, we are able to dedicate some time from our lives for this cause. When I walk around this city, I see people trying to make it by on the street, with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

For the past five years, I’ve dedicated my birthdays to volunteer work – a couple of friends and I hold a lemonade stand, where we raise funds for the shelter, and I accept only gifts of canned food for people who suffer from homelessness.

This will show your readers that you are genuinely committed to advancing the common good.

When you finish, leave your essay alone for at least 24 hours, and then return to it to proofread.

Most of you will be asked to write an essay about your community service experiences, and most of you already know that other applicants have had experiences similar to yours. First, plan in advance, and check out Baylor University’s excellent guide to help you organize and focus your thoughts.

If a professional writer reviewed the first draft of your essay, he or she might cross out the first couple of paragraphs and instruct you to turn the middle into the beginning.Remember, community service is all about making a difference, so be sure to demonstrate how you and your team made an impact on a worthy cause.When you end your essay, you want to leave your readers thinking about your experience hours later, or even days later.When you take on the large task of applying to college, a part you’re likely to dread most is writing an essay. Then, when you’re ready to write, consider these useful tips to help you write a stellar community service essay. Also, take a look at our earlier post about avoiding common pitfalls.Perk them up by grabbing their attention from the get-go.Get rid of most of your background information, especially if it’s covered in your resume already. A community service essay is your chance to let your readers get to know the real you – not the “you” that your teachers see in your term papers.If you have ideas of how to continue serving the same cause, suggest ways you might accomplish this while a student at their school.Don’t be shy about pointing out a resource or initiative that the school has already in place, and explain how you could contribute to it.Each choice we make can forever affect our future, our impact on society, and the way others perceive us.That’s why it is so important to develop our characters.


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