Essay About Education In Tamil Language

Unhygienic conditions can cause many serious health hazards including causing harm to the environment in the form of pollution.

In filthy surroundings, germs spread all around, which we cannot see though our naked eyes and how fast these germs multiply we cannot possibly imagine.

So to avoid this crisis, the natives of our country should put efforts towards maintaining cleanliness not only in their homes and working places, but in their surroundings too.

A hygienic and clean environment creates happy souls and a fulfilling life.

The language of the speech is very simple yet impactful; mainly focusing on the essence of speech on importance of cleanliness.

Students belonging to any standard, including school and college, can take ideas from the following speeches on importance of cleanliness and prepare your speech.

This habit should be inculcated by parents in their children because parents; especially mother is the first mentor of a child who grooms him/her and helps giving shape to his/her personality.

When we know that Cleanliness is next to Godliness, so why are we still insensitive towards this issue?

In addition, the littered garbage, defaced walls and overflowing sewage result in the spread of diseases and clogging of water on the roads, which further aggravate the situation.

The death toll rises as more and more people succumb to the diseases and die in the absence of proper treatment and care.


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