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Controlled nuclear fusion holds the prospect of abundant energyif the relatively difficult deuterium-deuterium fusion reaction can be utilised for energy production. Solar energy is both renewable and non-polluting and provides ideal energy source.On a global scale, tapping of only a small fraction of solar energy the earth can supply the entire energy requirement.

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Over exploitation of these is reflected in soil erosion, siltation, floods, and rapid destruction of our forest, floral and wildlife resources.

The depletion of these resources often tends to be irreversible and since the bulk of our population depends on these natural resources to meet the basic needs, it has meant a deterioration in their quality of life.

CFC was the prime suspect for causing ozone depletion.

It was established that one molecule of CFC is capable of destroying one lakh O molecule in the stratosphere.In any new development project, due consideration must be given to the environmental, social and cultural impacts.For this purpose, environmental experts must be involved in project planning.This light gets scattered in the sky and makes an orange foggy glow to appear above a town. It is likely that we won’t be able to see the stars in the night sky if the amount of light pollution isn’t closely controlled.CONSERVATION AND ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENTIt is imperative that we carefully utilise our renewable resources of soil, water, plant and animal life to sustain our economic development.The extreme chemical stability and nontoxicity of CFCs enable them to persist for years in the atmosphere and to enter the stratosphere.Depletion of ozone layer above the earth surface helps to penetrate harmful rays from the sun to the earth.Radiation continues to damage plants, soil and biosphere* in the region.*the environment consists of four segments- atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and bioshphere.Among the constituents of the atmosphere, only carbon dioxide and water vapour strongly absorb infrared radiation (14000 to 25000 nm) and effectively block a large fraction of the earth’s emitted radiation.Effects of noise pollution: We hear and make sounds nearly all the time but too much noise can make us feel angry or depressed.The time of day that noises are heard is very important.


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