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Researchers and economists, still today, disagree on exactly what he or she is.What can be said though is that when reviewing the early views on entrepreneurship, it can be seen that there have been several perspectives on the subject.Furthermore, it has always been a passion of mine to be somewhat of a host to guests, and offering a great environment for people to enjoy themselves would be personally rewarding.

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Or is it merely an individual able to allocate resources efficiently?

Well the answer to this question is that the entrepreneur can be all and none of these at the same time, because the fact is that the definition of what and who an entrepreneur is has been debated for many years.

This type of document might be created for an economics class or as part of a business plan for professional purposes.

Over the next several decades, technological advancements will likely create more jobs in the respective industry throughout the country.

Because there needs to be final decisions made in companies, it is prudent that while every founder receives the same money for their input and investment, they are not all equal behind the scenes.

Such a company would struggle to move forward with a long-term agenda.

Four major definitions revolve each around the entrepreneur being: - A risk taker; - A resource allocator; - An innovator; or, - A naturally gifted individual (born-entrepreneur).

Interestingly, there seems to be some level of overlap from particular individuals, in regards to the four perspectives listed above.

The business has a great chance of becoming successful.

To start, our marketing strategy involves one day potentially franchising the idea and brand.


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