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You can write a good pros and cons essay by giving fair, equal treatment to both sides of an issue, describing its advantages and disadvantages with clear, specific research and summarizing your own position in the conclusion.

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For instance, you could choose to illustrate the pros and cons of a vehicle with a manual transmission.

Since driving a manual isn't overwhelmingly good or bad, it is a perfect example of the type of topic to look for.

Sticking with the manual transmission example, pros could include better gas mileage, less transmission maintenance, more fun and better performance.

Cons could include damage caused by user error, inconvenience in slow traffic or hazardous situations and difficulty.

For instance, Consumer Reports has found that a manual transmission improves gas mileage by 2 to 5 miles per gallon.

That's a concrete fact that can help make the case for the pros of driving a stick.

Brainstorm as many negative and positive qualities of your topic as possible.

Start two columns on a piece of paper, one labeled "Pros" and one labeled "Cons." Fill this page with as many details as you can.

She taught creative writing and composition at West Virginia University and the University of Akron and her fiction, poetry and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals.

"Pro and Con" essays are impartial reports engineered to provide the reader with both the positive and negative aspects of any given topic.


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