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Providing a sample entry will concretely illustrate your directions.[Some sections of UMCP’s ENGL 101 courses use this assignment.]Purpose To engage students in the discipline’s ongoing conversation.Discipline All This assignment requires students simply to summarize a work in order to illustrate that they did do the reading. Discipline All This assignment develops skills in summarizing and situating material within the context of a course’s related reading and the discipline’s conventions.

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In the deployment of this course content, however, instructors are expected to show increased sensitivity to the needs of second-language users and tailor scaffolding assignments to their differential language skills during what is also for many of these students a period of intense cultural adjustment.

Assignments could include narratives of encounter or an explanation of something important in the student's national or ethnic culture.

You might ask students to comment first on the reviewer’s attitude to the material, methodology, and conclusions of the work being reviewed, then assess the assumptions about the field underlying the reviewer’s assessment, and finally the relevance of the review to the course’s subject matter.

Culling reviews from the Washington Post Book World and the New York Times Review of Book can help demonstrate the pertinence of course work beyond the university, while selecting reviews from academic journals will place students within the discourse and concerns of the field.

For international students, these courses fulfill the University's composition requirements through ENG 102.

As such, course outcomes are identical to ENG 101 and 102, and are described in tandem on the Core Writing Program website.

Core Writing students are placed in 101 if their ACT English score is 21 to 29, their SAT Verbal/Critical Reading score is 510 to 670 or they have completed ENG 098 with a grade of "S." English 101 is an introduction to the rhetorical process, emphasizing audience, purpose and occasion of writing.

Students receive an extensive background in strategies of planning, drafting and revising.

The emphasis in English 101 is on students developing voice and authority in communicating their own ideas and experiences to a specific audience.

Research - both library and firsthand - is introduced as a means by which students can extend their own understanding through the use of outside resources, but these are the center of ENG 102. In ENG 101, students produce 16-20 pages of polished writing, collected in a portfolio comprising four or five major assignments ranging from literacy narratives to proposals (the exact assignments chosen by the instructor).


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