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If yes, the technology transfer and patenting process necessitates further conversation before you can continue with the ETD submission process, in order to determine the appropriate embargo on access to your dissertation to protect patent eligibility.

Are you requesting an access restriction for your thesis or dissertation?

This page shows you what you will see when you submit your thesis or dissertation.

For a text version click on the arrow next to the Submitting ETDs to Scholar Works tab above.

Closed By choosing a Closed Thesis or Closed Dissertation you limit online access to the full-text of your submission to the Georgia State University campus (IP address).

No one outside of GSU will be able to see your thesis or dissertation.List the other committee members as second - seventh advisors as applicable. Keywords - Add appropriate keywords or phrases separated by commas. Upload Full Text - Most of you will want to click "Note: If you are submitting a thesis or dissertation with a linked Table of Contents, convert the file to pdf format and check the TOC links before uploading the file from your computer.This will help eliminate any problems associated with automatic file conversion.Your dissertation will be listed and indexed in the Georgia State University Library Catalog and in Scholar [email protected], but the full text of your Dissertation, and any supplementary files, will not be accessible until the expiration of the embargo.The title, author, keywords, and abstract will be displayed on the web in the record for your Dissertation even if you have restricted access to the full-text copy.Colleges at Georgia State have different policies regarding embargos, and many require permission for an embargo, so be sure to check with your college before making this decision.No embargo required By choosing no embargo you are agreeing to publish your thesis or dissertation in Scholar [email protected] immediately after graduation.Your thesis or dissertation will be indexed and discoverable via major search engines.Embargo By choosing an embargo, you are requesting that there be no access to the full-text of your Dissertation for a specified period of time.If you are embargoing due to patentability concerns, make sure your abstract is written so as to not be considered prior art.If do not want an abstract displayed at all, enter “No abstract to protect patentability” in the abstract field when you upload your thesis or dissertation.


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