Effective Conclusions Research Paper

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The arguments the writer wishes to make, or facts and information they wish to convey, will be stated throughout the body of the paper.

However, the writer will fail to include a proper conclusion at the end.

Often endings of this kind will merely attempt to restate the thesis of the paper in a crude or simplistic manner.

An ending of this kind conveys a sense of laziness on the part of the writer.

A weak ending to the paper will also weaken the ability of the paper to convey its central thesis, and diminish the quality of the argument that the writer is attempting to make.4.

Some writers will make the mistake of avoiding a conclusion altogether.The writer should begin their paper with an appropriate introduction of their topic, followed a general statement of their thesis.The writer will then develop their thesis through the body of the paper by stating the facts and arguments the writer wishes to present.Yet another difficulty some writers encounter when drafting a conclusion to their paper is to simply make writing the conclusion more complicated than it needs to be.It should go without saying that the conclusion should be one of the last, if not the very last, part of the paper that is written, with the possible exception of prefaces, forewords, and appendices.When the time comes for the writer to write the conclusion, the writer will already be very familiar with the paper’s contents, evidence presented, factual arguments, rebuttal to counterarguments, general themes, and core thesis.The conclusion merely summarizes the ideas, information, and arguments that have already been presented.Material of this type should be included in the body of the paper, and not in the conclusion.A helpful analogy might be for the writer to think of the conclusion to a paper as the equivalent of a coda to a piece of music.The latter sections or paragraphs of the body should constitute the “climax” of the paper where the writer’s core thesis is finalized.The conclusion then serves as the equivalent of the paper’s “coda” where the reader is able to revisit the paper’s central themes, and be presented with a summation of the writer’s principal message in a way that provides the reader with a sense of closure.


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