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He wants her to produce real criticism, but this is difficult for her to do.

She read a Forster book that Frank mentioned but couldn’t get into it because Forster mentioned that he hated poor people. Rita asks Frank if he is married, and he says that he was once.

Somewhere, she started to wonder if there was more to life.

She writes an essay on her favorite book, but Frank criticizes it saying that it was too subjective.

Frank is initially the 'dominant male' with more knowledge and experience than Rita; he is the well-educated and confident lecturer to whom Rita comes to for help to become educated.

By the end of the play the roles are reversed, with Rita as the dominant educated character, with every option available to her, whereas Frank, who has turned to drink, is barely able to hold down his job.As Rita progresses, Russell uses a range of dramatic techniques and tensions between the two characters to explore themes of the personal, class, relationships, gender, dependence, superiority and education.This produces an effective and dramatic piece with clear character and plot development.Frank reluctantly agrees after a few probing questions.The next lesson, Rita does not have her essay, which annoys Frank.As they continue their lessons, Franks world-weariness begins to show, and he is more down than up. In Act III, we see Rita rushing in late because of a talkative customer.He says that he wouldn’t hide so much from his girlfriend if she were more like Rita. Frank doesn’t care, but he mentions that her latest essay is rather short and that he has questions.It features only two actors and takes place entirely in the office of a university lecturer.It explores the relationship between education and one’s life, and the ways that problems follow us when we try to escape them.Educating Rita by Willy Russell explores the relationship between the two characters involved in the play, Frank and Rita over a time span, of several months.A variety of themes are explored as Rita, a working class Liverpudlian, aspires to a higher social and academic level so that she may have choices, with Frank, a disillusioned and failed poet as her teacher.


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