Editing Essay Checklist

It’s better to make a list from the hardest to easiest actions or from the widest to narrowest ones.For example, it’s better to check if there are all the paragraphs in the right order and finish with checking the spelling.Keep in mind that editing is not only checking grammar and spelling but also the consistency and value for the readers.

It will only mean that you will learn a new rule or you won’t repeat it in the future.

If you edit the paper the proper way, you will polish it and let it provide only a positive impression on the readers. If you find mistakes in your text, it doesn’t mean that you’re a bad student.

The introductory part Is the first sentence of your introduction compelling enough to grab the reader’s attention? Think of these questions and imagine yourself criticizing every word from the introduction. Do the arguments respond to the thesis and the topic of the paper? Make sure that your style is: Grammar aspects If you have bulleted lists, make sure they are all nouns or verbs or another part of speech.

Do you have a thesis at the end of the first paragraph or at the end of the introduction? Do you have enough evidence to support your arguments? Are there any unnecessary plague words that you can remove? The conclusion Do you have any new ideas presented in this part of the paper? List items should be identical as much as possible.

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The style and the language Does your text respond to an academic style? There are a lot of steps that comprise research paper revising and editing. It means that the more time you spend on editing the fewer mistakes you will be able to notice and correct.

Have you used the right tense for your type of paper? That’s why you should limit the amount of time that you will devote to this task.

It will turn an ugly piece of writing into a pleasant text that is easy to read with a logical structure of all the thoughts.

It’s not so easy as it usually seems at the beginning of writing the paper. If you face any troubles with editing, scroll down until the last paragraphs to see the way out. Keep in mind that you cannot turn a thesis sentence into a question. The body part Do you have one argument per each paragraph of the body part?


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