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But it was subsequently leaked to the university’s 14,000 student population before becoming a global viral hit.It was the hot topic at Duke, one of the most prestigious American colleges, which is an expensive private academy with a predominantly white student population located in the North Carolina town of Durham.None of the men featured in the "thesis" would comment.

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Among the arousing moments with Subject #12 (who scored the highest): him rapping Biggie to her, hooking up in a room with doors that do not lock, and having Subject #5 (his roommate) walk into the room.

The presentation is remarkably thorough, even itemizing and explaining the eight criteria used in the evaluation process, like size, talent, and creativity.

She details their “pros” and “cons” and ranks their sexual prowess out of 10 in coloured charts and an “official f---” list.

The brutally frank “kiss and tell” – submitted to the “Department of Late-Night Entertainment in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a Degree in Tempestuous Frolicking” – was originally meant as a joke when emailed to three friends after she graduated in May.

She went to ground on Friday after deleting all of her profiles on social networking sites.

“Senior year and college in general often bring about certain situations that result in the seeking of so-called ‘sex’,” she writes in the introduction.

She details their “pros” and “cons” and ranks their sexual prowess out of 10 in coloured charts and an “official f—” list. Owen is a student at Duke University is not going unnoticed, either.

The esteemed academic institution’s lacrosse team was at the centre of a sexual assault scandal a few years ago.

One publishing company is reported to be considering offering a book deal.

Miss Owen is said to have been left devastated by the sex scandal and expressed her “regret with all my heart”.


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