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“ The Land of the Foreign Padishah: India in Ottoman Reality and Imagination. “The black death in the Middle East.” Shinder, Joel. “The isolationist stance of the Ottoman empire 1700–1711.” Khayrallah, As’ad E. “Love, madness and poetry: an interpretation of the Majnun legend.” 1971 Bell, Joseph Norment. “Transformation of the Ulama and the Shari ’a in the Volga-Ural Muslim Community under Russian Imperial Rule.” M. “The making of an Arab nationalist: Ottomanism and Arabism in the life and thought of Sāṭi ̉al-Ḥuṣrī.” Livingston, John William.

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“The law of property in Egypt: Islamic law and civil code.” Stoddard, Philip Hendrick.

“Guiding the Pious to Practice: Islamic Magazines and Revival in Egypt, 1976–1981.” M. “The Reisulkuttab and Ottoman diplomacy at Karlowitz.” Debs, Richard A.

“Manifest Enmity: The Origins, Development, and Persistence of Classical Wahhabism (1153–1351/1741–1932).” Bernard Haykel. “Rerouting the Persian Gulf: The Transnationalization of Iranian Migrant Networks, c. “Aristoteles Arabus: the oriental translations and commentaries on the Aristotelian corpus.” Shamir, Shimon.

“A Century of Upheaval: The fall of the Imāmate and the Rise of the Ḥūthīs in Yemen, 1904–2014.” Bernard A. “Some inscriptions of the Safaitic Beduin.” 1961 Breebaart, Deodaat Anne.

“The Lighthouse and the Observatory: Islam, Authority, and Cultures of Astronomy in Late Ottoman Egypt.” M. “Ahmed Cevdet Pasa: the formative years of an Ottoman transition.” Claburn, William Eugene.

“Farah Antun: the life and times of a Syrian Christian journalist in Egypt.” 1968 Chambers, Richard L.

“Relocating the Centers of Shīʿī Islam: Religious Authority, Sectarianism, and the Limits of the Transnational in Colonial India and Pakistan.” M. “The political transformation of the Seljuq Sultanate of Iraq and western Iran, 1152–1187.” 1963 Abou-El-Haj, Rifa’at Ali.

“Language in orthodox Muslim thought: a study of “Wad al-lughah” and its development.” 1964 Luther, Kenneth A.

“A study of the poetry of Maymūn ibn Qays al- Aʻshá.” Kunt, I. “The Köprülü Years, 1656–1661.” Rehder, Robert Mc Conkie. “The emergence of textile manufacturing entrepreneurs in Turkey, 1804–1968.” Collins, Brinston Brown.

“The image of the pre-Islamic Arab in the Byzantine sources.” Hyde, John Dennis.


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