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Brian Allison uses the terms synonymously in his book on preparing dissertations and theses.

ETDs are distributed by Pro Quest/UMI Dissertation Publishing and made available on an open access basis through UW Libraries Research Works Service.

The Graduate School partners with the UW Libraries to provide comprehensive resources for students as they write, submit, and publish academic theses or dissertations.

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Therefore, the University views the wide and timely dissemination of thesis and dissertation results as an obligation of students.

The Graduate School requires that all theses and dissertations be deposited electronically and made available through the Pro Quest Dissertations and Theses Database, and through the University of Washington Libraries’ Research Works repository service—which makes them available to other UW researchers and the general public.You will also have to decide whether to publish your work right away or to delay its release.Additional pages within this section will outline all the considerations to keep in mind, when deciding how to make your work available to the scholarly community.These pages outline information and policies related to preparing your thesis/dissertation, including formatting, deadlines, copyright and distribution decisions, and, ultimately, graduation.We also encourage you to review the ETD Library Guide for additional information.There are no required fees, although you have the option to register your copyright via Pro Quest for a fee. If you want to order bound (paper) copies of your document, you may do so through the UW Copy Centers or through Pro Quest. As you compose your work, ask yourself the following questions: Plagiarism is using words, ideas, diagrams, and other content from publicly available work without appropriately acknowledging the sources of these materials.This definition constitutes plagiarism whether it is intentional or unintentional and whether it is the work of another or your own, previously published work.Plagiarism is a very serious offense that the University of Washington does not tolerate.Evidence of plagiarism may prevent granting of your degree. For questions about the following, contact Graduate Enrollment Management Services at [email protected] 206.685.2630.


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