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Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.One of the most critical sources for the research is the book “Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management” authored by Brink and Berndt (2009).

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Customer relationship management has been defined as “a business approach that integrates people, processes, and technology to maximise relationships with customers” Goldenberg (2008, p.3).

According to Peppers and Rogers (2011), there is global tendency in customer relationship management that relates to the shift from transactional model towards the relationship model.

In other words, Peppers and Rogers (2011) argue that satisfying customer needs as a result of on-time transaction is not sufficient today in order to ensure the long-term growth of the businesses.

A range of academic models and writings relate to this research in direct and indirect ways and some of the most relevant models are going to be explored in the study. (2010) “Dynamics of International Advertising: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives” Peter Lang Peppers, D. (2011) “Managing Customer Relationships: A Strategic Framework” John Miley & Sons Pradan, S.

One of the most models to be used in the study is The Gap Model of Service Quality. (2009) “Retailing Management: Text & Cases”, 3 edition, Tata Mc Graw-Hill Education Raab, G., Ajami, R. Hereby a research is conducted on how customer relationship management strategies are used by Tesco as a tool to assist them in pursuing their sales growth.First approach towards CRM is by targeting the employee efficiency and consumer behavior.The third edition of Pradan’s (2009) “Retailing Management” is another noteworthy source that is going to be used in the study.Specifically, Pradan (2009) identifies customer relationship management as an emerging aspect of marketing in retail and discusses its importance for ensuring long-term growth for retail businesses.The work of Mathur (2010) represents another significant contribution to the research area to be used in the study.Namely, the author provides a wide range of specific customer relationship management techniques and principles that are used by multinational businesses.Instead, businesses have to strive to maintain long-term relationships with their customers in order to maintain flexibility to adopt their increasing expectations and thus achieving their life-long loyalty.Peppers and Rogers (2011) further stress that, businesses that refuses to acknowledge this tendency in the global marketplace would be risking their market share and growth prospects in the future.which is a strategy that have always been practicing by most of the businesses worldwide to gain a greater profit.Tesco which is one of the largest linked hypermarkets are also applying the similar strategy to gain more profit.


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