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Continue reading Act Utilitarianism, Bernard Williams, Categorical Imperative, common sense morality, Conventional Ethical Relativism, Conventional Rule Utilitarianism, Dependency Thesis, desirable traits, desirable traits to a moral theory, Diversity Thesis, divine command theory, ethical egoism, Ethical Relativism, ethics, Euthyphro, Facedownphilosophy, false implications, Formulation of Humanity as an End in Itself, Formulation of the Kingdom of Ends, Formulation of Universal Law, Gregory Kavka, Hobbes, Hypothetical Imperative, Ideal Rule Utilitarianism, Immanuel Kant, J. I’m going to post it all at once simply as a useful reference to all of those philosophers out there that use …

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Rachels asserts two positive aspects of the Cultural Relativism Theory. Second, Rachels believes the Cultural Relativism Theory reminds us to keep an open mind as we accept and reject the practices of other cultures.

This, he believes, will leave us more open to discover the truth, whatever that might be (JR p.31).

Ethical relativism theorizes that there are no universally valid moral principles, but that all moral principles are valid relative to culture or individual choice.

The readings reviewed for this outline describe two types of moral relativism, subjective relativism and cultural relativism.

Being relatively inexperienced in these matters, I hope this is normal.

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I find this behavior of changing camps both amusing and confusing.

This internal conflict led Benedict to her concept of synergy, which states, "any society that is compatible with human advancements is a good one, but a society that works against basic human goals is antihuman and evil, and can be judged as such." (Patterns of Culture)The moral code of a society determines what is right within that society; that is, if the moral code of a society says that a certain action is right, then that action is right, at least within that society.morality.

Rachels argues that this is a very persuasive argument but that it lacks soundness because the conclusion does not follow from the premise.

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