Cultural Analysis Essay

Understanding a people’s culture is critical in communicating with the people.It is the reason why one has to know the culture before setting out to interact with a different cultural group.

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Cultural Analysis is also a method for rethinking our relation to history because it makes visible the position of researcher, writer or student.

The social and cultural present from which we look at past cultural practices—history— shapes the interpretations that are made of the past, while cultural analysis also reveals how the past shapes the present through the role of cultural memory for instance.

As a discipline, cultural analysis is based on using qualitative research methods of the arts, humanities, social sciences, in particular ethnography and anthropology, to collect data on cultural phenomena and to interpret cultural representations and practices; in an effort to gain new knowledge or understanding through analysis of that data and cultural processes.

This is particularly useful for understanding and mapping trends, influences, effects, and affects within cultures.

Cultural analysis crosses the boundaries between disciplines but also between formal and informal cultural activities.

Cultural Analysis Essay

The major purpose of cultural analysis is to develop analytical tools for reading and understanding a wide range of cultural practices and forms, past and present.

Some examples of this are foods, tools, home, surroundings, art, etc. Also, this aspect aims to show how the given culture makes the environment more accommodating. How culture is used to survive How the given culture helps its members survive the environment. Holism, Specificity The ability to put the observations into a single collection, and presenting it in a coherent manner. Expressions This focuses on studying the expressions and performance of everyday culture.

This developed at the intersection of cultural studies, comparative literature, art history, fine art, philosophy, literary theory, theology, anthropology.

Interview structure The questions to ask in the interview are modeled to understand the differences between North American culture and Mexican culture.

These questions put emphasis on the importance of communication in the Mexican culture, and how communication is facilitated across different members of the culture.


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