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Of course, when you’re doing more of a summative assessment of their writing abilities, you’ll want a more fleshed out, standards-aligned rubric for that.However, these simple rubrics are great for assessing while you’re still in the thick of teaching the unit.I’ve created a FREE download of my quick-score writing rubrics, which is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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Of course, some are pretty strictly for use in ELA, but other types – argumentative writing, for example – could easily be used in social studies or science.

So, even if you don’t teach writing but you have to assign writing activities, these rubrics can still save you time and energy!

Although I always used these rubrics for journal responses when I was still teaching, they can easily be adapted to other genres of writing.

These are especially useful (and really intended) for formative assessments where you want to see how students are mastering the writing style but aren’t ready to assess their full mastery and understanding quite yet.

I’ve also included a totally blank rubric template so that you can customize it as you need.

Each page of rubrics includes seven rubrics to the page, so when you’re printing them out, you’ll only need to print a few sheets in order to have enough for one for each student.

When I was still teaching, I had to teach writing every single year. In my first year of teaching, I taught 6th grade ELA.

However, each year that I was in the classroom, that’s what I found myself doing many times throughout the school year.

Each rubric has five categories on which you can grade, and then there’s a final column for you to write the score.

The bottom row of the rubric is left entirely blank so that you can grade out of however many points you need to grade – out of five, out of 10, or whatever.


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