Creative Writing On New Year Resolution

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The least fun part of design-life for most of us is the paperwork – contracts, invoices and all kinds of documentation. Freelancers: This is especially important for you and a resolution you need to make.

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Dear members, we are all hoping for the upcoming year to be full of surprises and happiness.

Here is a creative writing contest to add fun to that.

And speaking of learning something new, make a point to educate yourself and pick up a new skill this year. (You can Sometimes work design projects turn into just that – work projects. Make sure to inject more emotion into your work this year.

Some projects can be really tough to get excited about, but think about the end users and create emotional connections for them.

)There’s nothing like writing about the craft of design to make you appreciate it. Whether it’s a guest post on a blog or website you love, a post for a work-related blog or just a personal essay for your own website, get writing!

Writing will help stretch your creative muscles in new ways and help you think more deeply about a specific topic. Consider writing a tutorial or post that shows off your expertise and helps others learn something new at the same time. If not, consider brushing up your skills so that you can work with some of the trends that we expect to be popular in 2019.

Cut back on the coffee (or tea or soda or energy drink) habit in some way this year.

If you buy drinks on your way to work, buy one less per week and do something awesome with the extra pocket change.

Set aside a little time each month to make sure all paperwork is caught up and in order.

I’m the first to tell young designers that you should not work for free.


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