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Paragraph 24: This paragraph talks about how oppression and the banking concept of education is necrophilic.

Paragraph 25: In this paragraph Freire talks about peoples sufferings when “their efforts to act responsibly are frustrated.” Paragraph 26: This paragraph speaks about how populist manifestations is the best example to show the behaviors of the oppressed.

Diagram The Problem: Banking Concept Education Paragraph 1: This paragraph briefly states Freire’s argument of how he thinks education is almost “lifeless” because the students are only receiving information from the teachers, memorizing it, and regurgitating it back to them without fully understanding or challenging the information presented.

This paragraph ultimately become the main focus of the essay.

He also mentions how the more educated an individual is the better “fit” they are for the world.

Paragraph 19: This paragraph talks about “the methods for evaluating “knowledge”.” Paragraph 20: This paragraph talks about the relationship between “the bank-clerk educator” and solidarity.Paragraph 27: Freire talks about how the banking concept of education cannot be used to pursue liberation.Paragraph 28: This paragraph talks about liberation and how it is “the process of humanization.” The Solution: Problem-posing Education Paragraph 29: This paragraph is the turning point of the essay because it shifts from talking about the problem to the solution of the problem, which is acheiving liberation by rejecting the banking concept and “adopting” a new concept; aka Problem-posing Education.Paragraph14: Freire talks about how the banking concept adds deposits into the student’s mind which contradict reality and later cause the passive student to “turn against their domestication and the attempt to domesticate reality.” Paragraph 15: This paragraph briefly states that the teachers need to be partners with students for students to gain the ability to critical think and use creative power.Paragraph 16: This paragraph states that the banking concept does not have “such partnership” stated in paragraph 15 because it will “undermine the power” of the teacher and allow liberation to rise.Freire points out that the only solution to breaking this “banking concept education” is for the student and the teacher to work and reflect on the world and ideas simultaneously, which is also known as the “problem-posing education.” Analysis When I was reading this essay I broke it down into two big sections but gave importance to each paragraph.The first section is called The Problem: Banking Concept Education and the second section is called The Solution: Problem-posing Education.Paragraph 11: This paragraph briefly explains how students are the oppressed and are taught to stay in the margins, that was their “incompetent and lazy” minds can be dominated more by the teachers (oppressors).Paragraph 12: This paragraph talks about how the oppressed are not “marginals” and how they need to transform the structure of oppression to become “being for themselves.” Paragraph 13: This paragraph explains how the banking concept will never suggest students to think critically about reality.Paragraph 30: In this paragraph it talks about the acts of cognition through liberation education and how the problem-posing education is based on teacher-student contradictions being resolved.Another aspect mentioned is the dialogical relations.


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