Compare And Contrast Essay For Everyday Use By Alice Walker

Compare And Contrast Essay For Everyday Use By Alice Walker-89
Dee does not seem to care that her family is still using the churn.She states that she will "display part of it in her alcove, and do something artistic with the rest of it" (90).Maggie gives in and says that Dee may have the quilts because she is not used to "winning" (91). As a young girl, Dee has never been afraid to express herself.

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In Alice Walker's "Everyday Use," however, this is not the case. Furthermore, she carries herself like someone with low self-esteem, "chin on chest, eyes on ground" (87). Her mother describes Dee as having, "nice hair and a full figure" (87). Besides their appearances, Maggie and Dee have unique personalities.

The only thing Maggie and Dee share in common is the fact that they were both raised by the same woman in the same home. When Maggie is first introduced in the story, she is nervous about her sister's visit.

Walker Order Alice Walker There have and are well-known authors that literature students are introduced to and discussed because of the intensity, reasons, persona, and literary devices that the authors add to works they publish.

Using writing techniques, like Alice Walker has done in "Everyday Use" she originally wrote in 1973, she sets the scene from a place in her time when she was living life and facing the facts and realities of prejudice people in America that were directly mean to her for being an African-American.

However, when Walker went to these extremes for her readers, she became one of many of the bestselling novelists in which some of her work turned in to motion pictures like her major fiction The Color Purple A Native to Georgia, Walker, as an African-American her main themes to the stories she chose to write about had a lot……

[Read More] Instead, Wangero continues to only see that her name is a reminder that African-Americans were denied their authentic names.The family artifacts are important to both Maggie and Dee, but for different reasons.Sameer Bhavnani Professor Bachmann English 39 - Film Literature3 - 25 - 04Everyday Use Ovich Alice Walker wrote a short story called "Everyday Use," based on her life as an African in early America.I could almost hear the sound her feet made as they scraped over each other."(WALKER 126) Mama realized that Maggie was listening in because she stood by the door.In the movie they show Maggie listening and getting more ticked off to the sounds of Dee's harsh words. Although both girls are raised in the same environment, Maggie and Dee ...Sisters with Nothing in Common in Everyday Use When two children are brought up by the same parent in the same environment, one might logically conclude that these children will be very similar, or at least have comparable qualities. When Dee arrives for her visit, her mother says, "Even her feet were always neat-looking" (88).She gives in to letting Dee have the quilts like "someone who [is] used to never winning anything.When Maggie makes a comment about the dash that Dee wants, Dee cuts her down and "[laughingly]" refers to Maggie's brain as that of "an elephant's." Dee's attitude toward Maggie is so harsh that Momma "[thinks] she [hates] Maggie." Maggie and Dee's competitive spirits lead them both to be judgmental of each other. Maggie is "ashamed of the burn scars down her arms and legs" which the house fire "ten years ago" leaves her with.They differ in appearance, personality, and ideas that concern the family artifacts. In fact, Dee's arrival makes Maggie so uncomfortable that she tries to flee to the safety of the house (88).Maggie is also intimidated by Dee, as shown when Maggie is unable to confront Dee about the quilts.


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