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Most tutors are happy to assist students during the planning, research, and writings stages of term papers. This Workshop should prepare you to provide excellent information and friendly advice on improving one's writing.

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A weaker introduction would fail to indicate what a reader should expect, either by including points that do not appear in the essay's argument or by omitting those that do.

Context It is common in historical writing for the introductory paragraph to be followed by a brief background section that provides readers with a context for the essay's argument.

The final draft of your introduction will likely be written after you have completed your essay. After you establish a topic, think and research, and as you read about it, develop a provisional thesis statement. As you think, read, and write more on the topic your thesis should gradually become more refined.

Introduce the Topic Pay attention to how scholars introduce their essays or book chapters. A common mistake among inexperienced essay writers is to introduce too broad a topic. This is why it takes time and thought to produce a good essay.

If you find that your thesis statement is too descriptive, try adding a "because" clause—then make sure that the rest of your essay supports this new explanation.

As you plan and refine your thesis, consult with your tutor.For example, "The rulers of France, England and Germany achieved different levels of centralization during the tenth century." But instead of answering a question, this particular thesis raises more questions. For example, "Centralization of feudal monarchies depended upon the ability of kings to exert greater control over their nobles.England was the most compact country and kings were able to unite all the English against the common Viking foe.Germany was large, but kings used their traditional influence of the Church to balance the power of nobles.In France, local nobles had the upper hand and enjoyed greater power than their distant king." The second thesis statement is more robust because it offers a rational explanation for the differences between the monarchies.Second, tutors assign essays to evaluate a student’s knowledge of material and skills in reasoning and communicating.Features of an Essay Whether it is a monograph hundreds of pages long or a one-page job application letter, essays share the same basic features.Even during Europe’s darkest age, there were men and women who dedicated themselves to reasoned and eloquent writing.Courses in history involve a great amount of reading and the writing of complex essays.Because history courses are not primarily concerned with teaching composition, you are expected to arrive at university with some writing skills and to work on improving these skills throughout your studies.Pay close attention to the comments, corrections, and tips that your tutor provides when he or she marks your essays.


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