Christmas Homework Ideas

You get to learn your alarm clock song and your brain turns it into lullaby, so you continue sleeping, or at least learn to turn it off half-asleep. The best choice for sleepy college friends this year.There are lots of variations available, for example check this secret agent handgun piece.– Brain-shaped candle This would be great for your friends-biologists.Lots of ugly sweaters are available in stores, make your choice.

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Don’t forget about this tradition during the holidays as well: cocktails are pleasant to make and tasty to drink, so write out couple of recipes not to forget.

There’s really a whole lot of things to do on Christmas Eve besides Christmas break assignments.

We know perfectly how strong your desire to get rid of classes is.

Unfortunately, you can’t throw the finals out of your curriculum, but good news, you can rely on us to do your homework!

Use these spelling homework ideas to add variety to your kids' spelling routine. Write the words on a piece of graph paper so that every word intersects with another word, if possible.

Regardless of their age, most students need to practice, practice, practice their new spelling words, and that can quickly become boring, boring, boring! Looking like brain stored in formaldehyde, this candle will create trully atmosphere of geek party..or just add some abnormality into minimallistic dorm room.– Books No surprise, geeks love books! Your science-addicted friend will be delighted to get a long desired monograph or collection of academic articles in his or her field of expertise.– Osmo game accessory for ipad If you need to get some presents for your younger brother/sister or you already have nephews, here’s Osmo game accessory for ipad.To keep your kids engaged in the process, try some of these ideas this week. Write a story about your favorite holiday that uses at least 6 spelling words. Write a story about a terrible, awful day that uses at least 6 spelling words. Use building blocks, toys or other items to form your spelling words. After finding all the gifts you also need to wrap them nicely. Take your friends to participate in the event, tell them to wear the most ridiculous Christmas sweaters (yeah, those with Santa Claus, Christmas tree, deer, cat in hat, etc.). Make (or buy them in your local store) some cookies for the party (sweater-shaped, but of course), vote for the ugliest one at your party.You don’t need to make sweaters yourself or receive them from your granny, by the way.Those also can be thematic, decorated with math formulas, constellations and so on.– Anti-stress zombie virus rubber ball If you’re thinking of a little gift for college friend, this is the best choice.Finals are over and it’s time to relax and forget about all the stress you’ve been through. (Use cursive letters, block letters, curvy letters, etc.)40. Write each word 6 times, using a different style of letters each time.


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