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Fact is, it is almost impossible to reveal the truth since suppliers are operating in the areas that are difficult to monitor, which enables the latter to conspire their unethical and illegal practices.Whenever the unethical scandals addressing child labour exploitation are revealed, the corporate managers tend to deny their awareness of such illegal happenings allowed in the contracted factories or suppliers.

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Every child is innocent, pure-hearted and full of life.

A child is associated with his or her childhood; which is the most beautiful phase of a child's life. A section of children get to enjoy their childhood and enjoy a family environment, school life, studying, playing, making friends and pursuing their heart's desire.

Title: International business International social responsibility is the approved framework that draws a line between business purposes and moral, ethical and social commitments on a global level.

There is a variety of international social responsibility concerns, and child labour is high on the contemporary multinational agenda.

By placing such enforcements, pressure organizations invaluably contribute to the expansion of civil society based on ethical principles of respect, justice and human right priority.

In such a way, various pressure groups, media, and youth rights groups are fighting against dishonest companies and their suppliers to protect children from illegal exploitation.

This indicates that despite the impacts of pressure groups and advocacy organizations these global brands are unwilling to bear either ethical or legal responsibility for their dishonest employment practices.

Fortunately, owing to the enormous efforts of various international pressure groups, the companies like these have recently taken adequate measures to cease unethical applications, particularly those associated with child labour (Gorgemans, n.d).

(Fig3) The high demand for child labour within these families reduces productive workers in adulthood and constrains economic growth.

- case study Socioeconomic parameters: Religion (Fig4): The Hindu sector is dominant as they are from the costal areas, which lag behind, in the overall development process.


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