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As armed conflict proliferates, an increasing number of children are exposed to the brutalities of war.Boys and girls around the world are forcibly and voluntarily recruited to be child soldiers by armed forces and militant groups.

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The integration of the former militias in the new Congolese army is a priority task for the transitional government. Child soldiers from the SLA guerillas, one of the rebel groups against the government in Jartum.

Two hundred thousands dead, six million internally displaced, and nearly 800 refugees.

The Turkish government is in total agreement and acceptance of these laws....

[tags: Child Soldiers] - Children in America may spend their evenings doing homework or watching television, or some adolescents may have jobs.

id=88Tiane Doan na Champassak Finlay Gangale Gerbehaye We had to walk for days without getting any sleep or food. Within the group, I experienced war, hunger, and cold.

- “I would like to give you a message, please do your best to tell the world what is happening to us, the children.

Featuring the work of photographers and writers from across the globe, the book explores these children’s time as combatants, as well as their demobilization and rehabilitation.

It depicts child soldiers in Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Burma, Nepal, Afghanistan, Uganda, The Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Palestine, and Iraq.

It features forty photographs taken by talented and devoted photographers that depict child soldiers from around the world, who have been manipulated by war criminals and subjected to unspeakable violence. The frivolity, joy, defiance, or rebellion of youth is replaced by the deadly seriousness of a gun-toting teenager. It will also be traveling to South Africa, Canada, Spain, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is an internationally traveled exhibition that has been shown at the Capitoline Museum in Rome, Italy; the Bonn Kunstmusem in Bonn, Germany; and the U. Click here for exhibition specifications and more information.


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