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It is soft and pliable at body temperature, characteristic of an amorphous solid in its elastic, rubbery condition.The gum then turns hard and rigid when it comes into contact with cold drink or ice cube in the mouth.

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He peddles his bike fast, but he is still late and finds they have already bought their father a tie for a present.

Jerry feels naked and exposed since he has betrayed his brother and father. He tells him that at least he has learnt a lesson (p 3).

Below , the chains are firm and unbendable to relieve the force being applied.

This is due to either (a) the chains are strong to resist the stress; or (b) the force applied is excessive for the motionless polymer chains to overcome, so the polymer sample will just break or shatter. It is also affected by other factors listed in section 1.4.

Their parents take care of them, although Armand and Jerry work part time to supplement their father’s income (p 1).

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As the story begins, Jerry does not understand the importance of the family when compared to material possessions.Jerry changes both in character and emotionally; character wise he becomes determined to find the complete set of the presidents’ picture, and he is willing to cycle to a new town to find the pictures missing in his set, emotionally he understands his brother’s feelings of love after finding the letter addressed to Sally and wonders why people actually fall in love.Although he is young, he argues that love is just a folly, and he hates it as it makes someone depressed (p 4).Jerry proceeds to purchase the chewing gum but finds out that the company will no longer manufacture them.Disappointed, he hurries back home and finds his brother and sisters have already gone uptown to purchase a gift for their father.As the polymer is heated until it eventually reaches its glass transition temperature, the molecules start to wiggle around.In inorganic glasses, more bonds are broken with increased thermal fluctuations; while in organic polymers, non-covalent bonds between chains also become weaker.The author presents the theme through the character of Jerry.Jerry has three siblings, Armand his eldest brother and Yvette and Yolande who are his sisters.At the same time, his father’s birthday is near, and they are to contribute a small amount so that they can buy their father a gift.The other siblings contribute a dime each, but Jerry is stubborn and obsessed with the pictures, he contributes a nickel.


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