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Students are required to maintain at least a "B" average in their courses and to make satisfactory progress on their research projects.

In addition to satisfactory performance in formal coursework and in independent research, progress towards a chemistry Ph. is marked by five milestones, each of which has its own targeted time allotment.

If you take class X through University Y, will it transfer to Ohio State as the equivalent of Math 1151?

Here are some general recommendations for Ohio State course equivalencies in math and science.

Taking classes in calculus, general chemistry, and physics during high school can help you start building this foundation.

When choosing a math class, look for a traditional, theory-based calculus courses as opposed to a specialized version, such as business calculus.Subsequent to the first semester, students will develop course plans in consultation with their research advisers.No coursework registration changes are permitted without the DGP or research advisor’s approval.If you plan on taking a lot of General Education courses during high school, choose classes from a range of areas.For example, choose a history, a social science, a literature, etc.In general, we recommend that you select courses in which an exact Ohio State course (department and course number) is listed as an equivalent.Try to avoid courses in which you will only receive general, special, or technical credit.(Yes, as an engineering student, you will be writing.Communication—whether technical, professional, or personal—is a critical skill to develop as you work toward your educational and professional goals.) Engineering builds off the foundational disciplines of math and science.Here are tips to help you plan for educational experiences that best fit with a future degree in engineering.It's important to keep in mind that an engineering curriculum is inherently sequential.


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